Claire Lee

Cheer Squad
Artworkork by Claire Lee
Splatoon Ink Blaster
Splatoon Ink Blaster
Toast Time
Sweetland Lulu's B-Day
Sweetland Lulu's B-Day
Character Design
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Claire Lee

Hi! My name is Claire Lee. I'm a toy designer based in Anaheim who is obsessed with cats. I have a passion for Girls' toys, Fashion dolls, Baby dolls, Collectable toys, Preschool toys, and Plush. My strengths include drawing, color rendering, color selection, concept creating, and 3D modeling. I'm always excited to create something new! I derive inspiration from brainstorming and researching trends. I have six years of work experience in several jobs. I'm good at teamwork, and I like to collaborate and communicate with my co-workers. I'm a detail-oriented person who's obsessed with perfection. I always smile with positive thoughts and patience, even when I'm being challenged. I have an open mind to working in any work environment.

 "Cheer Squad" is a fashion doll line targeted towards young girls ages 4-9, provides aspiration to little girls who want to be CHEERLEADER! An Adorable collaboration of Triplet Cheerleaders and Triplet Goat Mascot!

Cheerleader dolls, Abby, Biki, and Celea, are fully articulated, so girls will enjoying putting the dolls in various poses individually or together. They will also enjoy pretending they’re real cheerleaders when they make different fun poses with their dolls. As triplets cheerleaders, “CHEER SQUAD” will provide children the experience of teamwork, friendship and sisterhood.

Splatoon Ink Blaster is a RC powered vehicle line that combines a vehicle and water gun fun for kids age 7+ years old. It allows them to bring out the excitement of Splatoon into real-life!

You can take out the water gun from the car and put it on your wrist! And you can set the car on the auto-drive mode to make it move randomly as a target to shoot with the water gun. You can enjoy 5 different play modes and the modes can be from 1 player to 4 player mode. There are so many ways to play with Splatoon Ink Blaster!

Toast Time is the DIY compound toy for preschool kids that allows them to design and make Crazy Toast over and over again.

Sweetland Lulu's B-Day is a train set made with Lulu’s favorite sweets.

It’s Lulu’s birthday today! Lulu carries his favorite sweets on the train and travels the Sweetland!

Character Design: A heart-themed character. 


Video for Love Letter Delivery Spaceship
The program used: Rhino, Aftereffect, Photoshop. This spaceship is designed for delivering love letters for anyone in the universe. The mailman robot rides this spaceship to deliver love letters.