Hanabee Cartagena

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Hanabee Cartagena

I'm a Los Angeles-raised Filipina visual designer with a love for making tactile pieces and interactive projects. I believe in three core values, in which I strive to be better at everyday: Kindness, Bravery and Respect.

The Moneypet is a short-term money saving contraption and calendar. Designed to discourage the user from spending the money they are saving, the box is designed to only be opened by unscrewing the sides. The Moneypet Kit is meant to be built by the responsible adult who will be using it and measures 8 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches when assembled. Using the supplemental calendar, keep track of your savings until you meet your goal and start over on a clean slate.

HIGHS & LOWS is a system of emotion graphics made for use in digital spaces. This project is based on a spectrum of emotions that people experience in the process of healing from heartbreak. The H&L App is a healing tracker that will help you track your day-to-day emotions and become aware of your coping mechanisms.

RHODOKHROS is a digital archive of a designer's visual and healing process.

Kinetic Energie is a publication for people who are new to the 21st century Electronic Dance Music Festival Scene. It is a 7.5 x 5.5" 500+ page hardbound book with a screen-printed/lasercut dust jacket. The typographic system within the publication alludes to the energetic nature of dance culture.

"Tell me how you really feel" is a series of interactive posters created to be displayed on 24" x 36" LED Screens. The posters were created for a hypothetical interactive exhibition where people can explore the three modes of communication (writing, typing and talking) and experience their therapeutic effects.