Kat Martens

Abucted - Junkyard
Abducted - UFO
Cheshire Cat
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Kat Martens

"Hi, My name is Kat Martens and I am Animator graduation from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital
Media, with an emphasis in Animation. I have developed my professional
background through Constant study of 3d animation and 2D classics while in school. I am experienced in Photoshop, Maya, Animate, and After Effects. I am a designer, a storyteller, and a collaborator. Being constantly influenced by the world around me, I strive to design the most entertaining characters, Animating Characters, and creating unique visual development works."

This is from my Senior Project called Abducted. In this scene my gelatinous alien dog Oozey just ate the junk yard owner.

This Is my UFO that i made for my senior Project called Abducted.

My Cheshire Cat from Alice in the Wasteland when Alice's wonderland becomes a nightmare of war and destruction of what wonderland once was.