Sarai Martinez

Here is a creature I designed originally for a comic book project but later redesigned to fit a different story.
 Richard the Rose Flower Parasite
Alex is the main character along with Richard the Rose Parasite.
Drawing Raya in different ages was not to hard to illustrate because of how much I based her on how I grew up.
Creating concept for twin characters is always fun because of the possibilities in their chemistry with each other and personalities.
In this illustration of Raya and her friends, I wanted to draw them happy together while still being able to tell the difference in personality between the snake twins.
During Heritage month, we were assigned to come up with a character concept involving a heritage, our own or a different one. I chose Aztec because of their mythology.
Here are some background character concepts for a comic book series featuring anthropomorphic dog characters.
My one of my favorite parts of character designing is finding which hair and out will fit the character's description.
June is a vampire living her life in the 1980s trying to find someone to spend the rest her eternity on earth with, unfortunately there haven't been any takers.
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Sarai Martinez

My name is Sarai Martinez, and I came to Otis College of Art and Design to only study 2D Animation. Throughout my college career, I took classes involving Scriptwriting, Storyboarding and Character Designing with professors who are in the industry. Taking these classes widened my horizon and showed me more to the process of creating films and TV series. 

 This is Richard the Rose Flower Parasite I designed for a comic book collaboration project. I took the opportunity to make a turnaround using Clip Studio Pro.

Parasite Rose Expressions, testing out how far I can his expressions while keeping him on model. This was first drawn on paper and later inked and colored in Clip Studio Pro 

Alex is another character I made originally for a  one shot comic book but later re-used her design for a different purpose.

Aging up characters is so much fun because of how much story is involved when considered how and why they look the way do during different times of their life.

Using colors while researching Aztec mythology helped me create a nice color palette for the twin snake creatures.

Here I drew Raya and her friends interacting using a textured brush that to me added a sense of earthy and child-like similar to crayons.

Here is a little character sheet featuring my character Raya and her friends, mythical twin snakes interacting. The assignment for this design was to come up with a concept related to one's heritage. I used Aztec mythology.  

I was assigned to create a variety dog breed of background characters for a comic book series. I had a blast researching different breeds of dogs and used their original origin to determine their outfits.

From sketchbook to Clip Studio Pro, I designed these young wolf twins and tried to come up with outfits that show their personality and dynamic.

June The Vampire is a character I created during Highschool, later at Otis College I took a Vampire Literature class and used what I learned to expand the story line for her.