Magaly Abarca

Conflicting Relationship
Power balance has shifted
Towering over little ole' Puff.
A terrifying encounter
Wrongful accusation
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Magaly Abarca

I'm Magaly Abarca, an Otis College of Art and Design student graduating in May 2020 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Animation. My strong suit is definitely in my story boarding and composition skills.  I've integrated those skills in illustrating comics for the last 4 years which have been published on online platforms and can be found in print.  I am experienced in many Adobe programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, as well as with Storyboard Pro. It's always been a struggle for me to get out of my comfort zone. However, it's been a great influence for me knowing that when I do, I manage to make amazing connections and strides in my skill sets, which I always become eager to incorporate in my work. I hope others see my work and, those afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones, like me,  can make a connection with my work and strive to push themselves further. 

Lyns, the carnivorous flower, teases Puff about how they're too different to be friends. It was fun being able to depict how different each character is to each other using the dynamics in their body shapes.  Straight off the bat its easy seeing which character seems more approachable and which is less friendly. 

Here the power structure has shifted where Puff is now the one teasing Lyns. Even though Puff had a smaller stature and softer shape to her design I needed to find a way to make reverse her role than what it was previously. 

Lyns so far in the story has been sitting down laid back being very passive while discussing with Puff why she won't go outside. In this scene we get an idea of how  her character design can be used to make her seem more intimidating. As she towers completely over Puff this marks how she's now going to be more active in the discussion. 

Puff is reunited with her pet butterfly Jerry after having thought he was eaten. Its a sweet scene especially since we get a hint of Lyns's real emotions in that she secretly cares about Puff. 

Jerry the butterfly doesn't have a mouth or any real expressive tools except for his eyes. It was a real challenge trying to depict how scared he was of the spider with just his body language and eyed. The line of action correlating with his body was a huge help to express how frightened he was that he might get eaten. 

Puff is calling out for her pet butterfly, Jerry, after he goes missing. Giving her a worried expression while looking for her pet was part of the goal. The other major part was making sure that even from a bit of a distance one could try to understand that she is worried and calling out to someone.