Ariel Alston

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Ariel Alston

Ariel is an African American, Los Angeles native, who began her passion for the arts early on. This path led her through many programs, most notably the Ryman Arts Program that fostered the development of traditional drawing skills, mediums, and composition.

After graduating from this experience Ariel enrolled at Otis College of Art & Design in the Digital Media program with a focus on Motion Graphics. This curriculum developed a love for style frames, developmental design, art direction, and 3D based motion design.

Title card exploration for a project centered around recreating the “Black Panther” ending title. I went through several iteration before deciding on a more simple treatment.

Project consisting of the conception and follow through of a Volvo spot. The shots are entirely 3D based and created partially with the Maya plugin Craft Director Studio. The model itself was completely re-textured from scratch to match the theme of the song and final cut.

Style-frame exploration for a project based on the word “Succulent”, originally it was treated literally but evolved into a more abstract meets kaleidoscope style.

Project centered on the creation of a TV Spot for a shoe brand. My chosen brand was Nike and specifically an iteration of their “Pegasus” line. This project was a first and challenge for me given it was my first attempt modeling a shoe from scratch and using the Phoenix plugin in Maya. Despite challenges I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Bath & Bodywork has a line of Christmas themed body creams that I based this project on. It would was done with a mix of 3D in Maya and pictures of the product.