Xiao Meng

Ramen House
Ramen House
Rick and Morty: Reckt Adventure
Rick and Morty: Reckt Adventure
Bug Avenger
The Cat Exorcist
The Cat Exorcist: Aten
Drawings and Sketches
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Xiao Meng

Hello! My name is Xiao Meng, and I'm a fun and ingenious toy designer graduate from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree. I’m skilled in character design, vehicle design, action figures, and teamwork with other people. Turning a 2D drawing into a 3D model is my passion for becoming a toy designer. To me, a toy is not only an object but also can bring you lots of joys and make your childhood vibrant and colorful. I want to be a toy designer who can bring happiness childhood to children.

Ramen House is a Japanese style kitchen playset for little chefs ages 5 and up. Serving “customers” is a delightful way for kids to interact, develop social skills and have fun while pretending to manage their own little shop.

The image above shows the accessories of Ramen House, and how to play with different accessories.

Rick and Morty: Reckt Adventure is a vehicle toy line. Travel wherever you want to go with the Rick and Morty Reckt Adventure vehicle toy line… As long as that somewhere is right where you are now. Featuring many of the zaniest and wackiest characters. These collectible vehicles mimic the action and hilarity of your favorite Rick and Morty episodes. For age 12+.

This image above shows the feature of Pickle Rick’s exoskeleton.

Bug Avenger is a bug who wants to revenge humans by using his special Bug spacecraft.

The Cat Exorcist is a unique action figure toy line for children age 8+. These Cat Exorcist will teach you that evil will never beat just.

The image above shows that I turned a 2D design into a 3D action figure.

This image above shows a playset that I designed for an animal character.

This image above shows a collection of drawings and sketches.

This image above shows a collection of ZBrush works.