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Attendance Reporting Policy




  1. Take roll - faculty are required to submit attendance sheets to their department at the end of the semester.
  2. Students who miss two consecutive class meetings must be reported to the Department Chair.  It is the responsibility of the department to report these students to the Registration Office immediately.
  3. Any questions about the attendance policy should be directed the Department Chair.     

Please verify the accuracy of these rosters. Any student attending your class whose name does not appear MUST report to the Registration Office IMMEDIATELY to verify  the status of his/her registration.

Please DO NOT allow a student to sit through an entire semester in your class without being officially registered. Unregistered students will not appear on your roster for on-line grading purposes at the end of the semester.

Students may withdraw from your class with a grade of "W" until the withdrawal deadline located on the Academic Calendar. The grade of "W" has no effect upon the student's grade point average.

Please contact the Registration Office if you have any questions at 310-665-6950 or