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Declaring a Minor

  • Application Process

    Students should complete their Declaration of Minor form during registration advising for either the first or second semester of the sophomore year. Under limited circumstances, students may begin a minor in the first semester of the junior year. Declaration forms are available online. The area head of the Minor, the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Registrar must approve the application.

    • Meet with the Interdisciplinary Studies Director to discuss your interests and options.
    • Meet with Academic Advising to review Academic Plan and Declaration process. 
    • Complete the online Declaration of Minor Form.
    • Students declaring DGMD, GRDS, ILUS, PNTG, PHOT, PRDS, and/or SCNG minors need to also meet with the Minor Area Head for one on one advising.
    • Students receive email confirmation once their declaration form has been approved by the Registrar.
    • Attend group meetings with Minor Area Heads during Registration Advising periods.


    How do I drop or change my minor?

    Students who wish to drop their minor must complete the online Dropping Minor form. Students who wish to change their minor or add a second minor must complete a new Declaration of Minor form following the instructions above.

  • Eligibility and Enrollment Requirements

    In order to pursue a minor, students must be on track in their major and in good academic standing, with fewer than 6 credits outstanding and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Students who fall behind 6 credits or more after declaring a minor will be automatically dropped from the minor. Students who fall below a 2.0 cumulative GPA after declaring a minor will be given a written warning at first, then automatically dropped from the minor if their GPA is not above 2.0 in the subsequent semester. In both cases students can reapply for the minor once they've caught up in their major and/or liberal arts requirements and/or raised their GPA. Not all minors are open to all majors. See each specific minor for details. Students will be allowed to register for courses on a space-available basis, which is not guaranteed, but registering early will significantly increase the chances of getting into their required courses.

    Transfer students who apply for and are approved to pursue a minor upon entering the College must meet the requirements above and fulfill degree program requirements through an appropriate combination of transfer courses and courses completed at Otis.

  • More Information

    Studio visits and advisement on courses, internships, graduate schools and careers are available for all current and prospective Interdisciplinary Studies students by appointment.

    Contact Interdisciplinary Studies (via email form) or stop by the Interdisciplinary Studies office in Ahmanson 606.

  • Meet the Administration / Minor Area Heads

    Michele Jaquis (INTR Director, Art and Design Education)
    Allen Brewer (Illustration)
    Lindsay August-Salazar (Painting, Photography, Sculpture/New Genres)
    Marlena Donohue (Art History)
    Jonathan Fidler (Product Design) 
    Maggie Light (Creative Writing)
    Claudia Hernández Romero (Sustainability)
    Jay Bhaumik (Digital Media)
    Tina Miyakawa (Graphic Design)
    Joan Takayama-Ogawa (Contemporary Clay)
    F. Miguel Valenti (Entrepreneurship)