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Student Activities Staff

Director of Student Activities, Erica Javidzad

Erica Javidzad, M.S.
Director of Student Activities 

My name is Erica Javidzad. I am a first generation college graduate with a passion for higher education and for guiding students through their academic and personal journeys. I am honored to have the opportunity to help develop and facilitate interactive programming for Otis College students and to do all I can to make sure that they have a positive and meaningful experience during their time here.

My academic background includes my B.A. in Communication Studies at The University of California Los Angeles, and my M.S. in College Counseling and Student Services from California State University Northridge. I am dedicated to using the skills and experiences I have learned through my education and my career in student affairs to serve our amazing Otis College students and to be a supportive resource for them through their learning and growth.

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Student Activities Assistant Shelley Davis

Shelley Davis
Student Activities Assistant

Shelley Davis is the student activities assistant creating engagement, leadership and empowerment on-campus. With her passion for diversity and inclusion, and the use of adaptive and dynamic leadership skills, she crafts insightful opportunities for students to grow as leaders, activists and artists within Otis and Los Angeles.

Shelley is a graduate of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She graduated in December 2018 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio with a focus in Film, Sound Design and Animation. When she's not engaging and mentoring students, she works on her artistic practice as a sound artist and documentary filmmaker.

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