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Lauren Horzewski

I am a passionate, optimistic, and resourceful individual and am also adept at a variety of computer software and traditional hand skills. The close-knit and positive environment of Otis has allowed me to grow both as an artist and as an individual. Whether I’m working alone or collaborating with a team, I always carry a positive attitude and a patient mind. One thing I learned at Otis, which I’ll always take with me, is to always give it everything you’ve got. It’s better to push yourself to do your best, not because you are trying to be better than others, but instead, to be better than your past self and to create something that you’ll be proud of.

‘Friendship Abroad: Seeking out the Treasure of Friendship’ is an immersive & interactive doll line that aids girls 3 and up in learning a second language. 

By design, Friendship Abroad’s mission is to impress upon our youngest generation the importance of learning about other languages and cultures, embracing our differences, and building a global community.

The image above shows examples of many of the keychains I created inspired by my own personal Dog logo. The dog was sculpted in ZBrush and the name tag created in Rhino. Both 3D printed then painted by hand. 

The dog is inspired by the love for my own dogs, Max and Rosie. The incorporation of the pineapple is inspired by its image to mean “welcome” to express friendship, hospitality and, warmth.

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‘Fresh Trades: The Grocery Shopping Game’ is a strategy card game for more than just the grocery shoppers in the family; it’s fun for everyone! The goal is to collect the right food combinations to complete enough grocery lists and be the first to earn 20 points! 

Polymer clay earrings.

A concept design for an AR/VR game console inspired by the early generations of the Pokémon video games. 

Models created on Rhino, video created with Adobe After Effects.

A sculpture based on the episode titled ‘Goku’s Ordeal’ from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. In a very famous filler episode, two of the main characters must go to driving school which ultimately ends in an extremely dramatic, explosive car crash. However, everyone ends up perfectly fine- typical of other events from the series. 

Place: Outer Space Race
Mission: First Place (and don’t die)
Reward: Ultimate Space Title

Models created on Rhino, video created with Adobe After Effects.

A collection of figure drawing sketches.