Paige Furey

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Paige Furey

Hi, my name is Paige Furey and I am a Communication Arts Student at Otis College of Art and Design, graduating May 2020 with an emphasis in Illustration. During my time at Otis I have developed a love for illustrating text and creating patterns. I have experience with processes such as block printing, carving, beading, screen printing, etc. Also, I  am proficient with programs like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

This was a digital work created as part of a series which is entitled “Eat Your Heart Out” about the end of a relationship.

This is one of 16 collaged images created as postcards in part of my “Sweet 16” series made over the span of a semester.

This is a digital portrait created as an assignment in my Editorial Illustration class where we were instructed to create a portrait of a person that someone in our family admires. I illustrated David Chang who is a famous chef and owner of the Momofuku restaurants, who my father admires.

This is a geometric design created as an assignment for my Surface Design class. The pattern was originally made from cut paper and was then translated into a digital pattern

This is a digital image created in illustrator and then colored in photoshop. This was created as part of a series which is entitled “eat your heart out” about the end of a relationship.