Trey Harper

Imagined 2028 Olympics identity for Coke, Nike, and General Mills cereals.
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Trey Harper

Trey Harper is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles Ca. He specializes in type and image based graphic design. His passion for photography led him to Otis to gain a better knowledge of typography and composition. While at Otis he fell in love with publication design as well as print design. With his new found knowledge of those two concepts he plans to someday in the near future start his own magazine.

The following images are from my project where I imagined future ads for the 2028 Olympics that will take place in Los Angeles. The ads are for companies like Nike, Coke, as well as General Mills. All companies that have been sponsors for the Olympics in the past.

The following are spreads from my publication done Jr. year entitled “UNITE”. The publication was inspired after my trip from Malawi in may of 2018. During that time, I spent time with the many young kids from the Jacaranda school for orphans. I was very inspired by the children there and their attitudes towards learning as well as the way they loved life despite their situations. This book talks about Malawi, the Jacaranda school, as well as sheds light on the students and the issues they face everyday dealing with Aids/HIV.

The following image was created for my visual language project that talks about identity and the importance of self-love. The image and subject matter was inspired by baroque artists Caravaggio, Bernini, and Rembrandt. The imagery was created to showcase the person in it in a positive light.

For my senior project I wanted to create a publication that was about the town where I grew up. Watts Ca. This publication would talk about the community, it’s history, it’s art, as well as it’s current state. Below are some mock spreads of the finished product and how the publication would look in its printed state.

A promotional video sequence that would be a companion piece to my senior project publication. Watts: A History