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Wanda Weller

Wanda Weller
Senior Lecturer, Fashion Design
Teaches In
Fashion Design

With over 30 years of professional design experience in the fashion and product design industry, Ms. Weller is a leader in Sustainable Design through education, design and commerce, and events. She led the product design, textile, and graphic design teams at Patagonia for almost 10 years.  She created a successful, sustainable, lifestyle boutique in Ojai, California, and also founded an Organic Home Textile Company with the mission of “Radical Transparency”, delivering certified and verified products that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  
  • Founder of Alterra Pure - Organic Home Textile Company, Ojai, CA
  • Founder of Modern Folk Living - Sustainable Lifestyle Boutique, Ojai, CA


Clients/Employment History:  
  • Johnny Was - Lead Design for CALMÉ
  • WayB - Director of Color and Trend
  • Patagonia - Design Director for all Product, Textile and Graphics
  • Ziba Design - Director of Communication and Environmental Design
  • Adidas - Design Director Apparel
  • Jantzen - Sr. Designer, Women’s Sportswear
  • Leon Max - Designer, Women’s Sportswear