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Foundation Yeat

Foundation Studio offers an integrated platform of skills, information, and experience that will support you in the future, both educationally and professionally. It will provide you with an experiential understanding of the rich relationships among art and design disciplines. You will be working alongside future fashion designers, animation and game designers, graphic and illustration designers, toy and product designers, and fine artists. Foundation Studio mirrors the future; boundaries between the various fields will overlap and sometimes disappear.

When school starts, you will attend studio classes within a “section” or group of students with the exception of your Spring semester elective course. This section provides increased peer support as well as a more secure setting to work in, and better opportunities for developing connections with others creatively, socially, and professionally.

Note on the Spring semester elective course:
All Foundation students will take major electives only during spring semester (starting spring 2025), including spring incoming first-year students. Otis academic advisors can assist you with more details.