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Foundation Essential Supply Kit and New Student Guide, Fall 2024


All Foundation students are required to have the Foundation Essential Supply Kit and a computer that meets minimum specification listed in our hardware and software purchasing guide by the beginning of classes.

Beginning August 1, 2024 make sure you are regularly checking your Otis College email account. Your faculty will contact you to share any additional required materials, supplies, and/or textbooks that you will need for the first day of each of your studio classes. Please also check your class Nest sites for information. 

Required textbooks can be located on the Books and Readers webpage. The New Student Guide for incoming first-year students answers questions about courses, how to order books, and more.

The Supply Kits are available for purchase at the Graphaids Otis College location beginning August 12 for fall entrants.  Students are encouraged to call 424.207.3770 ahead of time to reserve a kit, or to confirm shop hours prior to visiting campus to purchase.

The total cost of the Supply Kit at Graphaids for the 24-25 academic year, including tax, is $185.  List price for items purchased individually is substantially higher.  The Kit is priced competitively and represents a discount.

Foundation Material and Supply Requirements in Addition to the Foundation Essential Supply Kit

Your Foundation Essential Supply Kit will provide many of the items you will use across several studio classes this year. The list has been compiled for efficiency -- to help you buy supplies all at once, and for a preferred price. 

The Foundation Essential Supply Kit does not however constitute all of the tools, materials and/or supplies you will need throughout the year in Foundation. On an ongoing basis, in each of your classes, various additional materials and supplies will be required.

It is estimated that on a monthly basis, you should plan for approximately $90.00 in expenses related to project requirements in your studio program. Some months may require little or no new expense, while other months will require more than $90.00 in new expenses.

The best practice for maximizing your preparedness for success in studio classes and minimizing your expenses is to plan ahead, share materials and costs with classmates (when appropriate), shop in a group, and shop around for best prices and availability.

Your faculty will expect you to bring all materials and supplies to class when required. Faculty will provide reasonable time and sufficient information for you when assigning any new material and/or supply requirements.

You will also be required to purchase textbooks for several of your studio courses. You must purchase your textbooks bring them to the first class session. The approximate cost for textbooks for first semester studio courses is maximum $60. Additional textbooks and supplies will be required by your Liberal Studies courses.