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Residence Hall


Living on campus in the Residence Hall offers students the chance to live on campus within a community of artists and designers. Students also have the convenience of being located right above the library and in the same building as Elaine’s Dining Commons and the Otis College Café.

The Building

The Residence Hall has FREE laundry available on every floor. Throughout the building there are unique lounges, such as a kitchen, study lounge, and studio space, all containing cable TV.  The building is equipped with wireless internet that is only accessible to residents.  

There are Resident Assistants (RA) living on each floor to help build community amongst the students. The RAs serve as a resource for the residents, assist with any problems, and provide programs on nights and weekends. 

The Rooms

The majority of rooms are shared Quad layouts (shown below), housing four students per unit, two students in each bedroom. There are also a handful of double rooms that are assigned at random. Occassionally double rooms may be bought as a private space. This would mean there would be one student in the Double layout (shown below). There is limited availability for a private space, and are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are requesting a private space as a medical accommodation, please reach out to Student Disability Services by emailing to learn what documentation is needed. 


Each Unit includes:

  • Bed, Dresser Drawers, Wardrobe for each student
  • Wireless internet
  • Miniature Refrigerator (shared in the common space)
  • Countertop in common space to be used for homework, electronics, storage, vanity, or other creative ideas!
  • Two stools for countertop in common space
  • Heating/Air Conditioner controls in each unit


The Cost:

2020-21 Residence Hall Charges:

Room Type Fall Semester Spring Semester Full Academic Year
Shared Space $5,870 $5,870 $11,740
Private Space $11,240 $11,240 $22,480


2020-21 Meal Plan Charges:

Meal Plan  Fall Semester Spring Semester Full Academic Year
10 Meal Plan + $100 Dining Dollars $1,940 $1,800 $3,740
14 Meal Plan + $150 Dining Dollars $2,600 $2,395 $4,995
17 Meal Plan + $150 Dining Dollars $2,995 $2,755 $5,750
All students living in the Residence Hall are required to have a meal plan. First year students must have at least a 14 Meal Plan.

Go to to review more information about meal plans and dining dollars.