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Pave Your Path to Success

The entertainment industry is always evolving, and the need for talented creatives who can elevate brands, market innovative ideas, and develop new approaches to design continues to grow. By combining design essentials with focused entertainment industry topics, you’ll explore new opportunities as you become a well-rounded creator. Whether you’re interested in working for a film studio or a design agency, The Netflix x Otis Entertainment Certificate provides the education you need to get started.

Career Options

Our certificate program in entertainment marketing can open doors to a range of careers. Students will have access to quality Otis College instruction and entertainment industry expertise provided by Netflix, preparing them for diverse roles such as:

  • Assistant Editor

    Support editors, producers, and motion graphics designers in producing content and promotional materials by ingesting and logging footage, assembling the first pass of a cut from a script, outputting for review and finishing, and handling the technical aspects of picture editorial.

  • Assistant Art Director

    Support art directors and creative directors in conceptualizing and designing print and digital materials and work closely with graphic designers to execute concepts.

  • Graphic Designer

    Combine typography and images to design posters, social posts, digital thumbnails, and show logos under the direction of an art director.

  • Junior Illustrator: Sketch Artist

    Create sketches for photo shoots and movie posters based on concepts developed by creative directors and designers.

  • Junior Illustrator: Story Artist

    Illustrate chronological sequences of action for photo shoots based on scripts and creative direction.

  • Junior Illustrator: 3D Designer/Generalist

    Assist in the creation of any 3D asset that is requested by design team, such as logos, character posing, modeling, animating, lighting and rendering.

  • Junior Copywriter/Strategist

    Support copywriters in brainstorming and writing taglines, promotional copy, social posts, and creative briefs.

  • Assistant Producer

    Support producer in day-to-day operations interfacing with clients, managing editorial and graphics schedules, and providing creative direction.

  • Junior Motion Designer

    Support Motion Graphics Designers and Art Directors on projects by animating logos and other pre-existing 2D and 3D design elements, as well as preparing material for turnover to other creatives or departments. 

California: A Thriving Creative Economy

According to the Otis College Report on the Creative Economy, employment in creative industries continues to be highly transformative in terms of income generation. Average annual wages across the creative economy were $158,500 in 2020, whereas average annual wages economy-wide were $76,500. More specifically, the Entertainment and Digital Media sector has seen strong growth over the past decade, with employment growing 34.8% in California between 2007 and 2020.

California Creative Economy Average Annual Wages 

California Entertainment and Digital Media Jobs in 2020 

22% Job Growth
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for marketing managers is projected to be faster than average between 2020 and 2030


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