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Brand Guidelines

Flexibility is the intent of Otis College’s visual vocabulary. The logo system, designed in 2016 by Menno Cruijsen, is based around the rectangular shape and formation of a grid—inspired by the “punch card” windows of the Ahmanson Building. It is, most importantly, intended to operate as a dynamic platform that eschews the monolithic, static branding approach of the 20th century.

At its basis, all Otis College brand elements entail setting text in Linotype Univers along a set grid. As a logotype, the words “Otis College” must appear in a fixed format, set in all caps with rectangular O’s, arranged in a left-aligned, vertical stack. This configuration forms the basis of Otis College’s primary logotype, as you’ll see throughout these web pages. 

To see the full scope of the brand guidelines, including best practices and application examples, download the full pdf of guidelines

2017 Branding

Look. Look Again.

Read a full account of the Otis College branding written by Aileen Kwun, former senior editor at Dwell and Surface.



branding video

Concept Behind the Brand

This animation shares the concept behind the logo and visual identity of Otis College of Art and Design.